Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tips on vlogging/ Choosing your blog template


Play the "find what's right; find what's wrong" game in the above vlog! Also, take note of the tips offered throughout the vlog.

Choosing Your Blog Template

So you want to begin blogging but you're not sure where to start. Well first things first our little blogging pupil. It's important to know that every great blog begins with a great blogging platform. What is a blogging platform and how do I know which one to choose you ask? Well, a blogging platform is software that was created to simplify the creation and maintenance of a blog, for simplicity sake you can think of it as the template for your blog. Now there are two different categories of templates - there's the HOSTED PLATFORM and the STAND ALONE or INSTALLABLE PLATFORM. Here's a breakdown of the two categories and examples of each so that you can have a better idea of what platform is right for you.


-          “host” your blog on a platform’s domains so you do not have to organize or pay for this yourself
-          Easy set-up and you get a URL that is a combination of their URL and the name of the blog 
-          Most popular is Blogger, (not, TypePad
-          PROS:
o   Cheap or free to run
o   Relatively easy to set up
o   Simple to run: user friendly “posting as simple as filling in a few fields and hitting publish”
o   Updated automatically: don’t have to upload new software onto a server if platform is improved
o   Indexed in search engines quickly
o   Most hosted platforms allow you to map a custom domain URL for free . Some even allow
        you to register for a domain through the platform for a fee

-          CONS:
o   Less configurable: limited in terms of features and ability to design/ customize
o   Less control IF you choose to use a default domain: the blogger own content but URL is not yours so you’re at the mercy of the platforms for whether your blog is working or not
o   Upgrading to Standalone can be tricky

-          Popular hosted blog: PostSecret is a Blogspot ( blog

STAND ALONE (Installable) Blog:
-     Hosted on your own domain (URL) so you need to find a web host compatible with the platform  content being used eg. Host BigDaddy
-     Most Popular:, Movable Type  
-          Pros:
o   Full control of design: very adaptable
o   Adaptability: developers can create plugins that extend the ability of installation
o   Free platforms: pay for your domain, but hosting system are usually open source and free to run
-          Cons:
o   Complicated set up
o   Cost: ongoing cost of having own domain name and hosting fees  
o   Updates: blog platforms go through different versions and updating can be complicated
o   Hosting issues: stand alone hosts can go down too 



Charges for uploading video and audio

3 gb Storage


Paid Premium themes

Cannot run a custom theme
Includes numerous popular plugins

Cannot upload other plugins

Freshly Pressed

1 GB storage
Highly customizable template designer

Many Premium WordPress themes free with Blogger
Third-party applications can be integrated


3GB to 100GB depending on price point
Paid versions  customizable

Free version allows you to customize banner and colour scheme
Widget gallery including Linkedin compatibility
Built-in features to help promote your blog

Support with optimizing your blog for earch engines
Full theme source code control
Third-party applications can be integrated
Staff recommend a favourite blog and feature it  weekly on staff blog

Free Install but have to pay for a domain and  web hosting
Can upload themes
Complete Control to change coding
Can upload plugins

Registration and hosting of new domain: $17 USD/ domain/ blog/ year

Mapping of an existing Domain: $12 USD
Can’t place ads on blog for your own monetary gain (exception is Ad Control for high traffic blogs)

BUT Wordpress places ads on your blog for their gain
$10 to register and host

You can buy a domain from a registrar and host it for free on Blogger

AdSense for Feeds

Owned by Google so Blogger Blogs indexed rapidly

Very user-friendly

Google has one of the most secure platforms in the world

Use existing Google account

Can map existing domain with paid version

*only with paid version
Buy domain from a registrar and hosting is free
No designated widget or plugin but you can add your own

Design and submit custom themes

Relatively new  so still in developmental stages

Tricky to comment on posts
No automatic spam control or backup
May be site disturbances due to spikes in traffic

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